Karate as a sports was introduced to Thurstan College recently and Tharindu Shan  Senanayake who has been winning the Gold Medal in 2006,2007,2008 repeated it for 4th time in 2009, thus creating history for Thurstan

He will face the SAARC Selection Committee which will be held on the 12th  September  2009 and only one place is available for Sri Lanka in Karate Katha Championship in the SAARC region.

The team bronze medal for Katha was won by a team consisting of Tharindu Shan Senanayake, Shamishka Dilshan Kulathunge and Sanjaya Heshan.

Mrs. K.T. Kumudini is the Teacher – in - charge of Karate in Thurstan College since introduction of Karate in College  and the Coach is Mr.K.T.Mahesh is the Sri Lanka Karate Chief Instructor as well as the Chief Instructor in the Gi toku kai Karate Association in Sri Lanka.


 The Gold Medlist - Tharindu Shan Senanayake

Bronze Medal Winning Team

Left to Right : 

Left     - Shamishka Dilshan Kulathunge
Cener  - Tharindu Shan Senanayake
Rght   - Sanjaya Heshan