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Message from the Senior Deputy Principal

Twenty - First century registered a first development in the field of Technology. As such it becomes essential that we move with the new ideas, and model our requirements according to the order of the day.
In keeping to our present requirements it is encouraging to note that an attempt has been made to promote a Web Site on behalf of Thurstan College. This attempt by Thurstan Students receive the blessings of the Principal and the members of the staff of Thurstan College, since it would allow interested parties to know about the college, at the press of a button.
This Electronic Media has spread to many areas receives urgent development supplying information in a very limited period of time. We are being served with the access to e - Commerce, e - Medicine etc. by this mode of developed Information Technology. 
I treat this attempt as a timely launch to put Thurstan College Colombo 7 to the fore - front to compete with, all the other super schools.
I thank the students, teacher and all the parties who moved to have this launch possible.
Mr. Mahinda Jayasekara
Senior Deputy Principal


B. B. Adm (Hons) Dip in Ed (Dist) M. A. A. T., M. Ed
Justice of the Peace - All Island